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We are responsible for conceptualizing & identifying investment opportunities.

PIPC Investment Promotion

Plateau Investment & Property Development Company Limited  is responsible for conceptualizing and identifying investment opportunities:

  • We engage in preliminary project selection and definition or the pre-feasibility study entailing the elaboration of the project idea in a more detailed study and its subsequent analysis and appraisal
  • We also have responsibilty of identifying prospective partners and complementary funding sources for a project
  • After careful evaluation of a project, we recommend the scope and nature of participation/involvement of the company.

Supervision Unit

The Plateau Investment and Property Development Company (PIPC) Limited is saddled with responsibility of the performance of existing investments and new projects which have taken off; and on a continuous basis, ensure that the purpose for which the investment was made are being fulfiled

PIPC also ensures that all existing investments in its subsidiaries, associate and other companies are monitored as well, as maintenance of a satisfactory and mutually beneficial relationship between PIPC Limited with such subsidiaries and associate companies.

We offer consultancy services in whatever form to associate investee companies in commercial terms to generate revenue.

Enterprise Promotion

We support sustainable growth for enterprises for value creation and addition in terms of wealth creation, employment genration, poverty reduction, improved standard of living etc.


PIPC Limited as an investment outfit seeks to harnest its available human and material resources at its disposal to make the achievement of the various components of a project such as Time, Scope, Quality and cost realizable with minimum efforts.